Why Murdering Women Is OK With Feminists

Perhaps you have noticed a rather odd political phenomenon, one that seems like it belongs in a Monty Python skit. Indeed, it would be funny if it wasn’t so consequential.

I am referring to the schizophrenic ideology of self declared feminists; by day, they are obsessed with nothing but tearing down the brutish patriarchy; by night, they defend and protect patriarchal systems with all their energy. The surprising alignment of feminism with practices such as Sharia Law and Sati call into question, at minimum, the true intentions of the feminist movement. In case your unfamiliar with these beliefs, Sharia Law, amongst other things, dictates that a woman’s testimony be worth half that of man’s, and Sati demands that a widow engage in self-immolation upon her late husbands funeral pyre. These seems like strange practices for people so obsessed with patriarchal forces of power to defend, doesn’t it.

In fact, we live in a time in which the Hijab is celebrated as a symbol of female empowerment. If this worldview has it’s way with our moral thinking, maybe we will live to see the burqa celebrated in a similar manner.

Though this sort of incoherence is easy to dismiss as nonsense, and though the temptation is tantalizing to do so, it is important to take this phenomenon seriously. After all, feminism is not an obscure political doctrine.

My goal here is to explain how feminists can consistently behave so inconsistently. The answer is rather simple, and it lies within the philosophical underpinnings upon which the ideology stands.  Let’s put it plainly; when it comes to western civilization, feminists have no problem identifying (and often imagining) systems of oppression, no matter how subtle. But as soon as they shift their focus to any population which they consider to be oppressed, such as muslims and natives, it seems as if their eyes begin to role into the back of their heads.

This can be explained because they reject moral objectivism, they recognize that objectivism is a source of oppression, and their ultimate goal is the destruction of the tyrannical west.

1: Moral objectivism claims that there are right and wrong answers to moral questions. Certain practices, beliefs, and intentions, are evil because they do not align with some universal moral code or law. It also means that intentions, however benign, are subordinate to the consequences. For example, moral objectivists can condemn the holocaust even though those carrying out believed it to be good.

But moral objectivism, historically, has amounted to mere power struggles. In the past, the goodness of an act was not determined by reasonably discussed, objective factors, but by those committing them. More powerful groups simply imparted their own values onto less powerful ones. The cultural practices of less powerful groups, no matter how benevolent, were always inferior to the practices of empires. The British were not exploiting a people when they colonized, they were spreading the superior values of the west.

In fact, history is a succession of conquering moralities. Without fail, whenever a stronger power conquered a weaker one, it had justification that always lied within the realm of morality. Those committing the deeds, whether it be slavery or pillaging, considered themselves righteous for exterminating the vile.

Thus, a leftist interpretation of history reveals that there is no such thing a objective morality, but merely whatever is deemed appropriate by the most powerful. When an SJW cries foul on man spreading and then defends the islamic right to prohibit women from driving, they can do this because they believe there is no transcendent morality.

One culture is not better than another, and it is wrong to condemn a culture of which you do not belong.

2: Another obstacle to clear moral thinking for the SJW types is the phenotype of those who typically voice support for moral objectivism. It is almost always true that, when discussing good and evil acts, it is the west who is condemning everyone else and proclaiming themselves as virtuous. This aligns nicely with the last point, as the west currently holds more power than the rest of the world.

So the left will look at history and discover that morality is just what the powerful say it is, then they will look at the world as it stands and notice that the west is the most powerful conglomerate, and they will hear the west condemning everyone else for not looking enough like them. And the social justice types, being the champions of the oppressed, have an idealogical duty to condemn such elitism.

When a white male condemns the practice of a foreign culture, he is not appealing to some universal morality but is merely exercising his cultural power.

The reason feminists defend the patriarchal practices of foreign cultures is because they find it wrong to condemn the oppressed, especially when the condemnation is coming from the mouths of the oppressors themselves. Such condemnation is not coming from a true belief in morality, but from the more innate desire to rule and excersise power.

3: Lastly, the most fundamental axiom of the modern feminist movement is not concerned with women’s rights, but the destruction and reconstruction of the west. At present, it is nothing but a tyrannical patriarchy. But with the right social control and societal setup, an egalitarian utopia can be achieved.

This is the most frightening element of the social justice movement. Above everything else, it demands revolution. We see this happening already, in the names of equality. Social justice committees, human rights tribunals, equity achievement groups, are popping at every university across the continent. These groups are united in exerting power and forcing their social justice interpretation of morality onto the campus.

Since the ideology is so obsessed with power, it is no surprise that they themselves want it more than anything else. Whenever an SJW has a moment of weakness, and their facade of benevolence fails, the truly machiavellian social policy makes a brief appearance. In such moments, you have professors celebrating the murder of a white male tourist in North Korea, you have BLM activists demanding that white people (men and women) quit their jobs, and you see bloggers who reveal to the world that cisgendered men are all mysoginst ableist racist unenlightened pigs.

Thus, modern feminist types refuse to condemn oppressed cultures because they have a goal that supersedes the well being of women. What they want more than anything, what really gets them foaming at the mouth, is the thought of tearing down the patriarchy (western civilization) and establishing an egalitarian utopia. In this pursuit, they find support wherever they can, and this support is best if it itself has a similar pursuit.

This piece was inspired by a ‘debate’ that really opened my eyes to the reality of this conclusion. In class, I made a statement which I thought would be universally acceptable; the Saudi Arabian practice of stoning female adulterers to death (and only female adulterers) is objectively wrong. To my temporary bewilderment, the people who objected to this statement were the feminists.

These are the types of people that wear t-shirts that say “we should all be feminists”. Well, perhaps feminism means something different to them. IF you call yourself a feminist and then defend the right to stone them to death, maybe anarchist would be a more appropriate title, since it seems you want nothing but to see the world burn.


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